Investing in residential property? Looking to purchase distressed properties for potential profit and/or income? Looking in Delaware county, Ohio?

Often, people and companies buy a dilapidated property, put a lot of money and sweat equity into it to make it attractive to a buyer, and then reap the reward when the property is sold for a lot more than the original buyer paid for it. There's nothing wrong with this; on the contrary, it makes more housing available at a time when it's in demand. And it's often a good investment choice for the eventual buyer.

But before you invest in a property you plan on rehabilitating, you should obtain a professional appraisal, and work with a professional Real Estate Sales Agent to reap full potential at resale. You should choose professionals that have your best interests in mind. Shouldn't you have someone on your side making sure your money is being invested wisely?

It's easy to protect yourself. Hire a professional appraiser to ensure the property has had the improvements put into it that justify the asking (or agreed upon) price. Then work with professional real estate sales agent through the transactions. These are cost effective ways to protect yourself in an investment. Per purchase we can perform "drive-by" appraisals, which can be more cost effective than a full appraisal with an interior inspection to help you determine a fair market value. When combined with the expertise of a licensed home inspector and Real Estate Realtor you should be able to buy with confidence that everything is as represented by the seller. We offer these specialized services.

It's smart to always have an inspection done before closing on a property. It's equally important though to obtain an opinion of value from an appraiser. An inspector will tell you if everything that is present in the structure is functioning properly, what repairs may need to still be done, and whether there are any safety or soundness issues with the property. An appraiser can translate that into dollars. As rehabilitated, is the property worth what it's selling for? If something unexpected happened and you needed to sell right away, would you be able to recoup your investment? It is also important to get the most for your investments and weather you’re buying to resell or to live in the property, using a professional Realtor can guide you through all legal paper work and forms. Who will guide and help you find the professionals needed in the transaction.

As an investor, you need and deserve to know. Protect your interests with the help of a professional appraiser and Realtor. Contact Todd Ames Real Estate Sales with Carleton Realty or Click here to email Appraisal Departmentwith Advantage Appraisal LLC.

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